Friday, 26 February 2016

Social media is good. A question mark or an exclamation mark

Before enlightening you with the different colours of social media, let me take you down the memory lane where we loved to share gifts, like each other’s slam books, comment about the girl who teased our best friend. Those beautiful days of going out and playing with friends, chatting for hours through our old antique telephones are somewhere vanishing between the dark long bushes of Internet.

Now the virtual age has taken over our mind, body and soul to which we are happily getting defeated with no wrench but with a smile on our face.

The era of digital world has risen
When our very own golden age is no more in action

Social Media creators are minting currencies
And we lay back in our bean bags surfing, liking and commenting in the open breeze

Those days have vanished
When birds were chirping & happily singing in full swing
As even our PM is now busy tweeting

Believe it or not
Social media has definitely made our life easy, sorted and connected,
But we somewhere have lost our self and have got disconnected

Even though we bombard numerous blemishes in Social Media, we can’t live even a single day without checking our updates on Facebook, browsing Instagram pictures, or to check who re-tweeted our post. Social Media is not only used by individuals to share their happenings but big brands are taking greater advantage of this emerging media. Social Media is cheap at the same time reaching millions. One of the officials of the big brand once said in an interview “Social Media is a blessing to all big brands like us. We now know where our target audiences are and this makes us easy to reach them”. Top Social Media  that are enjoying the bigger piece of cake are Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

We all love social media. Whether you like to admit it or not, it's true. They have ingrained themselves in society because they make our lives better. No matter how bad your day has been, there is always something on social media that can make you smile and put everything in perspective. It’s shifting the way we interact, communicate, organize and form opinions.
Social Media is a boon which when wrongly used can turn to a curse. So the conclusion to “Social Media is good. A question mark or an exclamation” will and always remain a mystery.

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