Tuesday, 25 August 2015

ABCD: The game of basics where the SUCCESS wins

Do you remember back in school days where writing ABCD right used to be the biggest achievement? That pats on back, that star on hand, that very good by your favourite teacher, that proud smile on your mothers face when you get it right. Well, not much has been changed, as even now when you enter into the professional world, again you have to start with the same four letters. In school times it used be A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat and D for Dog, but now it has changed drastically, as now A stands for Advertising, B for Branding, C for Communication and D for Design. The same four letters with the different meanings, but even today getting them right brings you nothing less than SUCCESS.

ABCD to climb up the ladder:

From the very first stage of schooling till now the definition of ABCD is changing. Following are the different steps of ABCD and their significance in different stages of life:

·    ABCD in School: Schooling is the very first step of a child’s life journey. For him A is for Apple, B is for Ball, C is for Cat & D is for Dog. He learns the first ABCDs of his life under the guidance of his teachers and family. With the right guidance he gets them right and steps up to the next level.

·    ABCD in College: After completing the long schooling days, with the right start, the child takes the first step to his college life. Where he explores the new meaning of ABCD with the influence of his friends, A for Aggression, B for Bunking, C for Canteen, D for Dating.

·     ABCD in Career: Then comes the most awaited stage of career building when the child is no more a child, but an individual with the dreams in his eyes, where A for Attitude, B for Behaviour, C for Calibre, & D for Degree forms the future.

·     ABCD in Business: In this very vital stage Advertising, Branding, Communication, Design unfolds the true meaning of success. The success formula for professional world is nothing but 4 simple steps, ABCD.

ABCD with Thin-i

We don’t promise success, ABCD does!

At Thin-i we don’t work on assumptions, but on factual calculations, as our full proof success formula of ABCD have done wonders in the past for our clients. Following are the few strategies we adapt to fulfil clients’ dreams:
·    The game of basics: We believe right first step leads you closer to your goals. ABCD is all about getting your basics in place, to have a voice, a personality, an identity, a promise, we make you have all of these so you not only pass the levels but win the game.

·    Plan ABCD: We understand every brand is different, we articulate Advertising, Branding, Communication and Design Plan customised for your business needs. So what we come up with for your brand is something no other brand can adapt, as it’s made from you, for you.

·    Compete. Win. Repeat: When you compete with yourself, you always win. With the four uniquely common steps of ABCD, we make you better and better. We land you up to the position where you face no competition as you enjoy monopoly due to the distinct place created exclusively for you.
·    Global Recognition: When you have ABCDs right, you reach to the every prospect around the globe and unfold many opportunities to grow with a credible stature.  

·     360⁰ Success: When winning becomes habit, success no longer remains a dream.  Recognition from across the globe leaves success with no other option than coming to you.

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