Friday, 29 April 2016

So, you have a life?

With changing time, definition of life has also changed

Dude, do you know what Salman Khan tweeted yesterday?
Ahh! I’m connect with the CEO of PEPSICO in LinkedIn
This is my picture perfect to be uploaded on Facebook
Wow! Did you check out that superb video on Instagram?

If you’re familiar with these phrases….then…
Welcome to the fantasy world of social media

Social Media, two big fat words which is taking the world like hurricane. Social media is just not about updating status, tweeting about current topic, uploading pictures with different filters, connecting with big shots etc. it’s all these and a lot more. 

Let me share a small story,
I happened to attend a social media seminar where experts from the field were present to give their inspiring speech. The room was jam packed like the viral local, minus the quarrel. A speaker was standing tall on the dais, introducing himself with utmost elegance. Even before the session started, this young man stood up and abruptly threw a question saying ‘Why Social Media for big brands’ to which the gentleman quietly stared at the twinkling eyes of the crowd eagerly waiting for his answer. He sighed and asked us a question instead ‘How many of you are on Social Media’. Not a single person’s hand was down, including the security guard who proudly raised his hand straight up. The speaker glanced at the auditorium and answered the young man ‘For you all’. Social media is a platform where the brands can directly interact with the customer.

There are numerous Social Media platforms which not only drive us crazy but also captivate all big, medium and small brands. They are a great help to big brands because it’s practically difficult for these brands to connect with their customers all over the world. These platforms enable easy interacting with their customers via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. With the immerging need for social media marketing, there are companies who are churning mind and coming up with different social media strategies to connect with the customers. Social media platforms are largely captured by big brands to promote their name and strike a one-on-one communication with their customers. So once a networking site, now also talks pure business.

Social Media is-
·        Cost-effective
·        Quick
·        Filter Target Audience
·        Right reach
·        No industry bias
·        Huge audience
·        Perfect balance of photos, videos & texts
·        Track amount of money spent accurately

“The more you explore social media, the more you discover something new”.

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