Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Will she ever come back?

She was a happy go lucky girl. Full of life and exuberance. A girl who always wore a smile on her face, who always greeted people with a smile and a friendly hello! A brilliant cook, a graceful dancer, a caring daughter, a loving elder sister. She was everything that made her so special. But then, SOCIAL MEDIA happened…!

Like every new toy amuses a child, she got amused. But the only difference was, she never got bored of her new toy. In fact, her amusement kept on increasing with every passing day. She started spending hours in chatting with her long lost school friends. But sadly it made her forget about her parents sitting next to her, waiting for their turn to come.

The inventor had his good reasons to create SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. But it was her fault that she carried away with it. Her friends taught her how to use it, but sadly no one taught her neither her friends that, where to stop!  The platform created to share knowledge, make worldwide friends and to bring the world closer, distanced her from the real world.

She is lost. Social Media has become her world. Her home. Her everything. We need to bring her back to the real world. The world where people Likes her for the person she is, where people Shares love, where people Comments for her generosity, where morning rises with tweeting of the birds not beeping of a cell phone. But the biggest question is, “Will She Come Back?”



  1. Sad but true in case of most of the youngsters today. Very well written.

  2. Very true youngsters today get carried away by the number of likes or no likes on Facebook they need to be taught at a young age When to Stop and difference between social media and real world